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Innovative smartphone-controlled sofa
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Remote-controlled UP&DOWN backrest and footrest
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Seventies Collection by Fama

Inspired by the sofas of the 70s with diamond-shaped buttoned backs, Nina & Simone are destined to become two new classics in the Fama catalogue.
Simone has a more daring design and Nina has a more conventional style, but both share a high back that offers an exceptionally comfortable upright sitting.

A sofa … just a place to sit on?

“Some people think that a sofa is just a place to sit on, and a sofa is not only that … It is the place where you were kissed for the first time, where you play with your children, it is where you watch movies with your partner, the place where you get away from the world…”.

Etnic Collection Fama Sofas

Is it a classic or modern design? We just don’t know, but it is certainly a good design. Inspired by the sofas of the 50’s with the classic buttons on the back but with an updated look, creating the same button effect with stitchings. The result is a corner sofa with soft and timeless lines that proposes new and elegant solutions for the current habitat market.


We all have a friend or neighbor who has bought a chaise lounge, maybe with extending seats, with very high backs,
and perhaps you are thinking of buying something similar.

Maybe you also have seen someone trying a sofa in a furniture store, sitting in an upright position to check the comfort, leaning back and hitting the headrest with his head a few times to make sure that it supports the head completely…, maybe even you have done it yourself.

However, probably if we asked you how you usually sit, you would almost certainly say :”I usually he down on the sofa”.
You may also have thought something like – “these days
I’m buying a lot of things on the Internet, I will buy the sofas on the internet, too, I’m sure I can save a lot of money…”

Why Buy from Famaliving Store

Free Interior Design consultation

Made-to-measure projects

Great variety of modules and their combinations

Over 500 of the best quality fabrics with Fama’s own lovely design

Unique colors and prints

Revolutionary Aquaclean, Efficiency and Easycleaning fabrics

Lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the seat suspensions and 5 years on the rest of the sofa

Many dimension options for every model

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