Canapé-lit moderne Bolero

Bolero is the new revolution of modern sofas which converts into a double size sofa bed with a memory foam mattress. Easy to open, less deep and with a comfortable mattress, this modern sofa does not resemble any other conventional sofa bed. Stylish elegance and ultimate comfortability collide to provide the perfect sofa bed that you will enjoy for years to come.

Not only is this sofa special, it is practical when receiving guests or simply for an everyday use. It could be a modern sofa, or a very nice contemporary sectional, you also have the choice of round or straight arms.

This modern sofa bed is equipped with the finest memory foam mattress that really complements this modern living room style.

Although the round arms give a very special look to the contemporary sectional. you can come see the Bolero contemporary sectional at Famaliving Montreal.

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