Modern Sofa Manacor

Modern Sofabed Montreal

Modern Sectional Manacor – Endless Possibilities …

You can’t help the irresistible charm, magnificent style and comfort of our contemporary sectional sofa Manacor…its adaptable back cushions will allow you to find the perfect position to relax while sitting or lying on it; this incredibly well thought element is garnish with a roll in the back that adapts the cushion to be used as back support, or a foot rest, creating a versatile chaise longue.

With the back roll you can also reduce the sitting area for people with shorter legs, so everyone will be comfortable on Manacor because of its ergonomic details and possibilities! The versatile sections and puff can be arrange to create a cozy sleeping corner or a chill lounge setting. Your creativity will be amazed with the possibilities of our splendid catalogue of unique fabrics, find the perfect expression of your style and taste and bring Manacor to your living room, it will be a fabulous addition to any modern interior.

Modern Sofa Montreal
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Modern Sofa Montreal
Modern Sofa Montreal
Modern Sofa Montreal
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