Sometimes the only things stopping you from buying furniture are the high shipping costs and the inability to transport it home in your car due to its size.
At Famaliving we strive to ensure that getting your furniture to you is made as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we are pleased to offer you a FREE delivery within Canada, to all its major cities, for all the orders over 3500$. This offer can not be combined with any other offer.
Famaliving’s free shipping is meant to be a standard ground delivery, during which the furniture is delivered to an accessible entryway of your home in the manufacturers packaging, in case you have a condo or an apartment, your furniture will be placed in the lobby or designated loading area. From there, you will have to take care of the additional moving, set-up, assembly, and recycling of packaging materials.
The customer should thoroughly inspect all the items received and make notes in the delivery sheet in case of the presence of any damages of the boxes received. All Fama products are produced with an impeccable quality control, but in case you should receive a defective item, it’s necessary to send us pictures with clearly shown defects, accompanied by a written description, so that we could place a reclamation by the manufacturer. The defect will be removed or the whole item will be replaced in accordance with your situation.


We offer a “white glove” delivery for our customers, living in Montreal.
When it comes to delivery of goods, that require an extra attention, our “white glove service” is the way to go. White glove service means a delivery with a perfectionist mindset, when your merchandise is delivered to the right place with a special care and respect.
Our professional crew is trained to work efficiently and to be dedicated to serving every customer with a “white glove attitude”, making it to the right destination on time and in perfect condition.
When your furniture is ready to be delivered, our scheduler will contact you 1-2 days before the shipping for the date and time frame confirmation. For the orders placed by phone or e-mail, an imprint with a signature may be required before the free shipping, that has been used for placing the order, as well as ID photo of the cardholder.
Your merchandise will be prepared for delivery after the balance has been paid in full. There are different options for making the final payment: by credit or debit cards in store, E-transfer, wire transfer or in cash.

Upon the reception of your order, please ensure that you have received all the items purchased. It is recommended that you review your order details before the delivery personnel leaves, and inform them of any discrepancies. After signing the delivery paper, you agree that the furniture has been inspected and is in perfect condition. If there is a problem with the furniture or an item is missing, please indicate it very clearly on the delivery paper and contact the store within 24 hours and advise the sales representative about the problem. Please keep all contents and their original outer and inner packaging. If the furniture has to be exchanged, the original packaging is needed or an additional fee might be applied.
Please prepare your home for delivery, by removing everything that may affect the transportation process. In winter time the sidewalks and aisles should be snow- and ice-free. The passage from the outside entry to the desired resting place should be clear of any debris or obstructions to the best of your ability. Objects such as ceiling fixtures, paintings, rugs, and other stationary items in your home must be cleared from hallways, entry ways and living areas. Moreover, the delivery crew cannot alter or change any doors, trims or moldings in your home.
A signature of an adult (minimum of 18 years old) is required on all free shipping invoices, please make sure you have a responsible person present at home for the time of the scheduled delivery, to accompany the shipping team to your house or apartment.

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