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How can I keep the cushions in my sofa as when they were new?

You can have the scatters in shape if you take a little care of them, like avoiding seating on them or bending them. This could deform them.

Can I move the armchairs often?

The armchairs that are meant to be moved regularly are normally provided with castors to such purpose.
The rest of armchairs (specially relax armchairs) are heavier and it is not recommended to move them very often. However, when they need to be moved they must be pulled from the central body.
They should never be pulled from the arms (in the relax armchairs the arms are normally attached to the frame on their lower part, and these may become loose if we pull from them instead of from the main body).

How can I keep my sofa in perfect conditions?

Sofas are used every day, like clothes, and therefore they get worn with time and use.

All our models are designed with the aim of assuring that they will keep in perfect conditions with time and use.

Apart from the construction of the sofa (not to deform with use) it is very important to treat the new sofa with care. Here are some tips for this purpose:

– Plump the back and arm cushions up regularly. If the back cushions are zipped to the base of the sofa, we recommend you to remove the cushions for plumping them up.

– If you notice that the seat cushions are sliding forward in the sofas we recommend you to fix them back in their original position. This will avoid deformation on the front of the seats.

Apart from these tips, in the following questions we give other recommendations that will help you keep your sofa in good conditions (cleaning instructions, advices on how to move the sofa, etc.)

Will the legs of the sofa scratch the wooden floor?

The wooden floor can be damaged when first placing the sofa (if you do not take special care). With normal use the wooden floor should not be marked since the legs do not have any sharp edges that can damage the floor.

Some models include felt gliders (swivel armchairs). However, if you have a delicate floor like wood or marble, we recommend you to fix felt gliders on the legs of the sofa. This way you will avoid marks on the floor when the sofas are moved.

Can I wash the covers of my sofa in the washing machine?

In the Guarantee Certificate you will find the composition of the fabric of your sofa, and the cleaning symbols that will indicate if it can be washed by hand, in the washing machine, if it needs dry cleaning, if it can be ironed, etc…

Regardless of these symbols, we will always recommend dry cleaning. Compared to clothes, upholstery should be treated like a suit or a coat, not like a shirt or jeans.

If the fabric of my sofa can be washed, can I wash it at home? Or, do I have to take any special care?

Of course you can, but we give you some tips for washing the covers of your sofa (provided that it allows washing).

– We recommend you to wash just one cover before you wash the rest.

– It is very important that you pay special attention to the cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer of the fabric (the symbols in the Guarantee Certificate).

-If you wash the covers in the washing machine, we recommend you to turn them inside out first. This way you will avoid the zippers and Velcro damaging the right side of the fabric.

– If the cover has Velcro on it, we recommend you to cover it before washing the cover in the washing machine to avoid damages in the fabric. We include some Velour tapes in our sofas for covering the Velcro before washing the covers.

The back and arm cushions seem to lose volume…

The back and arm cushions are normally filled with fibre, or feather and fibre, and although they have internal pockets to keep the filling well distributed they can lose some volume with use. To avoid this little problem we recommend you to plump the cushions up regularly.

The easiest way of doing it is taking the cushion with both hands and hitting it (as if you were clapping with the cushion between your hands).

There are some wrinkles on the front part of the seat cushions…

The seat cushions are normally fixed to the base of the sofa with Velcro to stop them sliding forward. Even so, they can sometimes slide a little bit if we sit on the very front of them.

This may cause deformation on the front of the seat cushion. To avoid this problem we just have to fix them back in their original position.

How is the frame made?

All our frames are made of pine wood.

We keep the wood for at least 1 year before using it. It could cause problems if not completely dry.

All the shaped pieces are cut with CADCAM cutting machines, so they are all perfectly shaped and identical.

All the knots are removed from the wood used for the frames. This way we make sure that the frames will not break.

The assembly of the frames is carried out by our expert team of craftsmen.

We are so sure about the strength and durability of our frames that we guarantee them for life.

If you want to learn more about these processes, you can check them in the “production process” link. There are video shots available on this and other processes.

Which type of seat suspension does my sofa have? Can it collapse with use?

There are several types of seat suspension (sprung, elastic webbing, etc), and with some of them the seats of the sofa collapse after time. This will not happen with our system.

Not so long ago the sprung was one of the best options of seat suspension, but it also presented two main problems: they became noisy with time, and in some cases they damaged the materials covering them (fabric and foam).

The most common system nowadays is the elastic webbing. This provides the sofa with a great comfort initially, but with time it loses elasticity and collapses.

In Fama we do not use any of these systems. We use the NEA system in our seats. It is a new system of seat suspension made out of high quality materials that offer an unlimited durability.

We guarantee our seat suspensions for 10 years, because we are sure that they will not collapse.

If you want to check the difference between these systems, you can check it out in “production process”: seat suspension.

Can the sofa be exposed to direct sunlight?

All the fabrics in our range do comply with the CE light endurance standards. However, if any fabric is exposed to direct sunlight it will become pale with time (mostly red and blue colours). It is therefore recommended to keep the sofas away from the direct sunlight.

My sofa has some marks and shades on the seats, is this normal?

Most upholstery fabrics are made out of chenille which is a type of fibre that gives the fabric a softer texture and look. It is normal that some marks appear in the chenille with time and use.

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