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  • Nelly Musayelyan
    Nelly Musayelyan Principal Interior Designer

    Professional interior designer, specialist in home staging and redesign, Nelly has been working at Famaliving Montreal since its foundation as the Principal Interior Designer. Her experience, great taste, sense of style, and deep knowledge in the field of interior design, and arts in general, helps her create comfortable and beautiful interiors for clients of Fama Living Montreal. Thanks to her friendly and patient approach to clients, Nelly perfectly understands customer’s needs and helps them not only in the selection of the correct configuration, and color of furniture, but also on all matters relating to interior design. Both in-store and in-home interior design services are available.

  • Luis Cortez
    Luis Cortez Customer Service

    Luis has experience in art and design, his keen sense of detail comes to use when helping a client to select the right combination of fabrics and accessories but at the same time his approach is global and complete, keeping in mind the client’s needs and preferences. An expert eye for color and harmonious arrangements are his forte. Multilingual and well traveled, he will be ready to assist you in English, French or Spanish.

  • Gregori Guerassimov
    Gregori Guerassimov Customer Service and Website Development

    Gregori has an absolute gift for precise configurations to the last millimeter, one of the most experienced members of our team, he will guide you with knowledge and patience to find the exact furniture for your interiors. He is also our web site developer and a computer wizard, a man of many talents indeed; he provides his advice with the right combination of analytical and methodical approach with a sharp aesthetical sensibility.

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