Lounge loveseat MyApple

Not really a sofa, not really a loveseat, MyApple is inspired on the traditional S-shape sofa but updated for the modern living. It will easily accommodate a couple comfortably for relaxation or even to work. Its curved lines remind the shape of an apple, and the multiple cushions make this beautiful contemporary and compact piece of furniture a great addition to any living room. Ideal for urban condos where space is limited or as an accent chair with any of our sofas and sectionals. Adaptability is an important quality of this exclusive Fama model. You can choose a swivel base for easy and practical use, and select from our catalogue one of many beautiful textiles and leathers, or combine them to create a unique design. Many palettes are available so you can find the perfect expression of your taste and style.
MyApple form Fama is contemporary, functional, pleasant and versatile, perfect to enjoy it together and ideal also to unwind individually.

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