Funky Recliner Montreal

Absolutely no recliner can be more comfortable than Moon from Fama! We invite you to try it and enjoy the cushiony seat and back, the side cushions, the rocking effect and the pivoting movement…but that is not all! Try the extensible smooth function activated by a electrical motor and control by a button. You would never want to get up, the head, back and foot rest stretch to an almost vertical position! Moon is a creation from Fama with the comfort of new moms in mind, but not only them, anyone can relax in this fantastic armchair…if you want to share it with your love one, you can also order the double size version and fly to the moon in style and comfort!! Its circular shape and soft lines will look beautiful in your TV room or your bedroom, the only problem will be that everybody will like to have one… you can personalise your own Moon with a combination of our vast selection of exclusive fabrics and sumptuous leathers. Modern, comfortable, unique, this words describe perfectly the model Moon, but is only until you seat on it that you will understand the real meaning of each word.

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