Modern Sofa Bed Montreal

SAVE 6046$ !!! Not even Mozart could have dream of a modern sectional like our Fama model Opera! This elegant sectional has large size seats and comfortable back cushions, plus many small ones to create a dramatic composition; its gracious metal legs are a note of fantasy, its round-end module is splendid, all these features combined result on a contemporary piece of furniture as harmonious as a great lyrical opera. The different modules and configurations are flexible to fit perfectly in your living room and the beauty of its lines will match any decor. Allow your creative spirit when choosing from an wide catalogue of exclusive fabrics, to design more than a sofa, a statement of your life style, from a neutral palette to a colourful one, from glamorous textures to bold prints, you will be the maestro that holds the control, and once you sit on your modern sofa, the comfort will enchant you…the Fama Opera contemporary sectional is a Master Piece!

Modern Sofa Montreal
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Modern Sofa Montreal
Modern Sofa Montreal
Modern Sofa Montreal
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Modern Chair MonrealModern Sofa Bed Montreal