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Doing two jobs at once can be difficult, but that is not the case for a sofa bed. Not only does it save you space and money, it also has two functions and uses: it can be used as a sofa or as a bed. How convenient is that!

Sofa beds are often used in small apartments (such as studios and even 1 bedroom apartments), in guest rooms and sometimes even in living rooms. Having a sofa bed allows you to have more sleeping space which can be a plus if you have people over or visiting from a different city or country.

Fama Living Montreal Model: INDY


What are the different criteria to choosing a sofa bed for daily use?

For a sofa that will regularly be used as a bed, it is important to choose and easy-to-use transformation mechanism so that the owner is not bothered by the daily unfolding of his sofa into the bed. One of the most popular mechanisms used for sofa beds is the Eurobook. For this mechanism, the seat is pulled out to the front and the back rest is laid down on the vacant back space. It is one of most effective mechanism that doesn’t require too much effort. A sofa bed of this sort can open up to 1.5 meters or more.

At the same time, this particular mechanism is as popular as the one used for folding couches with the pull-out mechanisms. For the pull-out, the width of the sleeper can reach up to 160 cm, which is the size of a queen size bed. King size sofa beds are now surfacing the market, with the alternative of having a bigger area to sleep.

It is believed that the simplest and most popular transformable sofa bed has the “accordion” mechanism. This mechanism consists of three parts with an unfolding and swivel connection, hence the name. The double back unfolded, forms a spacious sleeping space with the sofa base.

Fama Living Montreal Model: BOLERO

Among the many different sofa bed systems, the most effective mechanism is the “dolphin” transformation mechanism. With this system, when unfolding, the lower part of the sofa is pulled forward and upwards, reaching the same level as the seat. This mechanism requires a minimum and effortless movement.

Sofa bed mattresses can be produced out of many different materials, the most common being made and sold on the market are made of springs or foam.

In our wide range and assortment of “Fama Living Montreal” sofas, you will find many different models specifically created for sleeping: these sofas are equipped with a spacious storage box for linens, removable covers for pillows and a sleeper. At the bottom of the beds there is an orthopedic armor and the filling uses a block of independent springs.

Best of all, all of our Fama models are customizable. You get to choose the configuration of your sofa, the modules, the size and even the fabrics. We offer a choice of about 800 different fabrics and 150 different colours of leather.

Come and design your one of a kind and personalized sofa bed at Fama Living Montreal!

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