Zone concepteur

Fama Living Montreal is trying to be unique in every way. After visiting our store the client walks away with the most amazing experience possible. At Fama Living Montreal you will see things you have never seen before, you will learn about options you have never known before.

For every Fama Modern Sofa, the client is able to pick the dimensions, the configuration, and the colors of the modern sofa they like. Every model consists of different pieces which can be assembled in any way that the client wants. There are more than a thousand combinations of colors, patterns, fabrics, and leather available.

Now, Fama Modern Living Room Furniture Montreal would like to offer designers the possibility to come and share
this incredible experience with their customers in our new Designer Zone.

In the Designer Zone, the designers and their clients will be able to sit around a table where they can set up their interior plans, and organize their furniture. Coffee is available for those who wish to have some. For those who need to visualize the colors and the models they picked, our 3D Simulator will be accessible on a big touch screen. Designer will also be able to print schemes, and plans free of charge.

Design services

Choosing your furniture by yourself can sometimes be overwhelming. Fama Living now offers Designer Services in store. Qualified designers are available in store to help you choose the perfect shape, size and color for your furniture to make it unique to you. Their free service will allow you to make the perfect decisions for your space.

Our designers can help you with not only Fama furniture, but other furniture for your space as well. With our designers, you can redesign your entire space in one stop.

Design consultations for an entire space are by appointments. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with a designer a few days prior to the desired day. Also, please have in hand measurements of the space or a floor plan is preferred.