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A new era has started in the world of armchair-beds! Bolero by Fama is the revolutionary and innovative design, that will change from now on the way you sleep. The process lasted 18 months in the making, and you will be pleasantly surprised with this exclusive modern armchair-bed, totally controlled by an app and so comfortable both as a armchair and as a bed. No more limitations for the best of each function, look or functionality, Bolero is here with an excellence grade for everything and available for everybody!


The mechanism allows the transformation in a fast and secure way using an app, a real mattress with no partitions is unfolded and in a matter of seconds your bed is ready for a good night sleep. The next day nobody will complain because of the horrible pain in the back caused by the infamous bar in the middle of the old mechanism, with the new armchair-bed Bolero by Fama, the end of bad sleeping nights is here! But Bolero is not only the most ingenious, practical and comfortable option in the market, it is also beautiful, and versatile, excellent as a sofa or a chaise longue to relax. Our wide selection of exclusive fabrics is always available to personalize it.


The modern sofa Indy offers the following options:

  • More than 1000 different combinations of fabrics and colors
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and 10 years warranty on the webbing
  • Water cleanable fabrics (Aquaclean Technology)

From $2735

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