Fama’s New Fabrics Collection

Gata Edition – Fama’s New Fabrics Collection

GATA Edition is the name of the latest fabric collection presented by Fama. It’s a colourful, sensual and provocative collection, full of textures.

Felix Lopez Gil, designer of Fama Sofas, once more demonstrates his innovative vision in the world of upholstered furniture. He finds inspiration on the work of another artist, translating it into his own art. Then, he creates a fabric collection with digital printing techniques from a collection of paintings.

In this unique and exclusive collection, GATA Edition, Fama Sofas combines perfectly the comfort and design of their sofas and armchairs with the lines and brushstrokes of the artist reflected in the fabrics. Sofas thus become the epicenter of the spaces, inviting to build environments around them.

If painting conveys sensations through vision, GATA Edition turns art into something pragmatic that we can touch and enjoy through Fama sofas and armchairs. We are sure that GATA Edition will surprise everybody with its originality. It will provide Fama models with a new look, playing with color and texture blends present in this collection.

To take the art to your home, we add a very special gift with the sofas and armchairs from this collection: a set of sheets with eight exclusive designs from Gata edition.