Technology: Motorized, Smart, Touchless

Touchless Sensors 

The Sensae system operates through sensors located on both sides of the armchair. Activating the relaxation mechanism is effortless and intuitive: merely approach the sensor with your right hand, without making contact with the arm, to initiate the opening.

To close the mechanism, use both hands to simultaneously activate the sensors on each arm. This innovative design eliminates the need for traditional push buttons, simplifying the use of the armchair.

App, Voice Controlled
& Safer for Kids

All movements can also be controlled through our newly developed mobile app. Parent lock addresses any concerns regarding young children’s safety around recliners, making Famaliving motorized products the safest on the market.

Furthermore, the app is integrated with voice assistants, allowing for the execution of basic functions through voice commands.

Materials & Craftsmanship

Sustainably manufactured in Spain, Famaliving furniture uses only top-quality materials, which allows us to provide the best warranty on the market.

Through years of research and development, we’ve also achieved a breakthrough in seating comfort, creating a sensation akin to sitting on a cloud.