Choose among more than 1000 different fabrics from our catalogue!

Discover our extraordinary range of customizable furniture fabrics, perfect for personalizing your sofas and armchairs. With over 1000 different materials in our collection, you have the freedom to choose a fabric that truly reflects your style.

Each year, we unveil a new fabric collection, consistently captivating our customers with innovative designs and vibrant colors. Our commitment to unique fabric creation means we often collaborate with designers and artists to bring exclusive print collections to life. Additionally, our exclusive plain fabrics, crafted specifically for our brand, boast distinctive qualities not commonly found in the market.

Our fabric range caters to all preferences and requirements. From natural materials that add a touch of elegance to synthetic options known for easier maintenance and enhanced durability, we have something for everyone.

Our Recover fabric line, made from 100% recycled materials, features polyester sourced from PET plastic bottles and cotton from repurposed clothing, emphasizing our dedication to sustainability.

Moreover, our fabrics are free from PFCs – harmful chemicals often found in anti-stain or easy-clean treatments – ensuring safety for humans, animals, and the environment. Experience the difference with our customizable furniture fabrics, designed to meet every taste and need.