What Makes Famaliving Furniture Unique?

Comfort Lifetime Guarantee

We’ve achieved a breakthrough in seating comfort, creating a sensation akin to sitting on a cloud. To match this comfort with reliability we’ve invented seat cushions so durable, we guarantee them for life!

Home of 1000 Fabrics

An extraordinary range of customizable furniture fabrics, perfect for personalizing your sofas and armchairs. With over 1000 different materials in our collection, you have the freedom to choose a fabric that truly reflects your style.

Modular Philosophy

The modular concept of Famaliving sofas allows for an array of configurations, catering to diverse spaces and lifestyle needs. Customers can mix and match different modules – from chaises to armrests, corner pieces to footstools – to create a personalized seating solution that perfectly fits their living space.


Famaliving motorized recliner arm chair

Technology of Comfort

Fama’s innovative system, revolutionizes the way reclining armchairs operate. Utilizing patented technology, it eliminates the need for pressing buttons. Instead, sensors positioned on either side of the armchair detect the proximity of a hand. Simply by bringing the hand close, without any need to touch the arm, the relaxation mechanism is seamlessly activated.

Coming to Canada 

In 2004, the first Canadian Famaliving store opened its doors in Montreal, Quebec, marking a significant milestone. A few years later, a second showroom was established within the renowned Euro Style Design store in Dorval.