Indulge in Luxurious Modern Armchairs at Famaliving Montreal

Modern Armchairs at Famaliving Montreal

At Famaliving Montreal, a modern armchair can be an optimal solution, when you need to spice up your modern living room decor, but you don’t want to clutter the space. Modern armchairs, at Famaliving Montreal, will not only decorate the space and make it look complete, but will also bring functionality, as well as extra seating, which can always be useful.

In order to find a perfect modern armchair that will help you to add that something special to you space, you have to determine what type of the accent seating would serve a purpose of enhancing the atmosphere of your modern living room. Be it a cozy lounger or formal modern armchair, it has to complement the style of your modern living room and fit into the space by its size. At Famaliving Montreal we have a wide variety of modern armchairs to choose from that look great in any modern living room.

Our modern armchairs come in different styles, and our collection includes rocking modern armchairs, reclining modern armchairs, lounge chairs and modern armchairs on wheels. At Famaliving Montreal, our modern armchairs are upholstered, and there are lots of different upholstery materials to choose from, such as genuine leather in variety of colors or different types of fabrics, be it velvet, tweed, suede textured fabric etc.

An essential attribute of any modern living room is upholstered furniture. At Famaliving Montreal, we will help you choose the best fabrics for your modern living room needs. Traditionally, the living room was typically furnished with a sofa and two modern armchairs. Nowadays, you can combine your modern living room furniture just the way you feel like. For example, it can be sofa, loveseat, and modern armchair, or you can opt just for a sectional sofa… it all depends on your taste and comfort. At Famaliving Montreal we can help you decide on the best choice for your home.

When shopping at Famaliving Montreal for modern armchairs for your modern living room, you have to think of other pieces of modern living room furniture that you want to put in your modern living room, be it your modern living room media storage, bookshelves or coffee tables. You have to make a concept of how to arrange all the pieces in your modern living room in terms of size, color and style. At Famaliving Montreal, our designers are available to help you plan out your modern living room space and find the best pieces that will fit nicely in your home.

At Famaliving Montreal, It’s easier to begin shopping for bigger pieces and then complement them with modern living room accessories. So the first piece you may want to start with is your modern living room sofa. At Famaliving Montreal, your items can be purchased together with either modern armchair or a couple of armchairs or a loveseat or two. At Famaliving Montreal, we can match and/or compliment your sofa’s fabric with your modern armchair.

Depending on what suits best your preferences and how much space you have in your modern living room. If the space in your modern living room allows it, you can opt for a very large modern sectional, usually complemented by a pouf or a modern armchair, which will add to the atmosphere of comfort in your modern living room.

Choosing the upholstery for your living room furniture pieces is a fun part. Whether you prefer leather or fabric, at Famaliving Montreal, we have a great choice of colors and textures available for our modern armchairs and other modern living room furniture pieces.

At Famaliving Montreal, our on-site interior design specialists will help you to choose right color for your modern armchair that will perfectly blend with the design of your modern living room. At Famaliving Montreal, we provide customers with visuals of their desired sofa or modern armchair. With our touch screen 3D simulator, we are able to show you just how your modern armchair will look with the fabric chosen. At Famaliving Montreal, we are able to provide a service that is unique to furniture stores in Montreal.

Here are a few examples of the types of modern armchairs that we feature at Famaliving Montreal.

Moon, is a modern armchair that reclines and can also rock back and forth. Moon causes attraction at first sight. Comfy as a cloud. A relax concept different to everything else. The ideal piece to enjoy the best moments between moms and babies.

My Nest is a unique modern armchair. Big enough to sit at least two people.  A “nest” to enjoy at home, specially made to lay while seated. Includes an adjustable side table which can be placed according our needs in every moment. Very adapted to read, to write, to use your laptop, to have a drink… Includes a blanket stored behind the seat cushion.

Lenny is perhaps Famaliving Montreal’s most iconic design, a clever combination of curves that create a special and unique armchair. Can come with a matching footstool.

At Famaliving Montreal, when it comes to actually shopping for your upholstered modern living room furniture, do not hesitate to try out the pieces – sit and lie down on them, because it will not only be a part of your modern living room decor, but also serve a purpose of providing comfort.

Be sure to study the specifications for your modern living room furniture – what kind of material the frame of your modern armchair is build from; what type of filling your modern armchair has; if your modern armchair comes with a guarantee, not only for its upholstery, but for its frame and seat density; these are all important questions that you should find the answers for, when shopping for your perfect modern living room furniture set.

See you soon at Famaliving Montreal!