New Trends for furniture Decor Designs in 2021

This time, we will try to explore and predict upcoming trends in interior design. We’ll base our analysis on colors and shapes discovered through designers, which have captured our attention over the years. New Trends for Interior Decor Designs in 2021

Retro trend

Do not miss the “retro trend” it is still trendy. And we will take a close look. Many designers stay focused and inspired by the retro feel. So, yes, we still need the warmth, softness and glitter of the Disco Vibe.

The tendency is having luxury design furniture.

The trend of luxurious and rich expression is evident when it comes to soft seating – sofas, armchairs and ottomans – they are all big, soft and envelop the body in velvet and round shapes. The designers usually combine them with marble cladding and surfaces, glass structures and furniture, and aristocratic non-ferrous metals: brass, copper, silver or gold gloss.

Traditional organic materials

The traditional organic materials do not lose their value: wood, glass, stone are still an excellent choice for  designers. From Scandinavian inspirations, light woods will be a trend material for furniture. The innovation here comes from the strength and durability of the materials.

Together with you, we follow the trends in the world of furniture and are ready to make your home fashionable and comfortable, according to your chosen style and color scheme.