We not only decorate your home in a simple way…

We not only decorate your home …

All brands have a story behind them, here is our story.

We can no longer solely to sell products. We have to be responsible for the society in which we live, try to improve it as much as possible, even on a small scale, because the sum of small actions, in the end, becomes a significant change.

With our products, we look for something more than the typical decorative accessories that can be found in any store.

We want to offer you products that go further. Behind the design and manufacture of these products, there are people who work every day putting all their passion and enthusiasm in what they do.

These are unique designs, which you won\’t find anywhere else. We collaborate with artists to develop them, making them authentic works of art to be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Homes to be lived in

Homes are to be lived in, to be enjoyed every day with family, friends or with ourselves.

Although for some it will be more important than for others, in our view, the decoration of home influences the mood and happiness of people. For this reason, when choosing decoration elements we have to think about comfort, beauty, and practicality. So many beautiful pieces lack these qualities, either due to how hard it is to clean, lack of ergonomics, or because they are dangerous for the little ones.

What is the use of having a nice house if we can\’t enjoy it?