Recliner Moonrise

Fifteen years after creating one of our most important icons, the Moon recliner, we felt it was time for an update. Despite its age, the design of the Moon chair remains timeless, making it hard to believe that our best-selling model is now 15 years old. With such enduring appeal, there wasn’t much to change to enhance a design that hasn’t become outdated at all.

We’ve only made minor adjustments aimed at improving its already incredible comfort: a new headrest and a footrest joined to the seat. These changes have achieved what seemed almost impossible: surpassing the comfort of the Moon. Thus, Moonrise is born, a model that will coexist alongside the classic Moon recliner.

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After 15 years since the inception of our cherished icon, the Moon recliner, we recognized the need for a rejuvenation. Despite its age, the timeless design of the Moon chair continues to captivate, serving as our top seller for over a decade. With its enduring appeal, we found little necessity for drastic alterations. However, we implemented subtle enhancements aimed at enhancing its already exceptional comfort. By introducing a new headrest and seamlessly integrating the footrest into the seat, we achieved the seemingly unattainable: surpassing the comfort of the original Moon. Thus, Moonrise emerges—a companion to the classic Moon recliner, poised to carve its own path while paying homage to its predecessor’s legacy.


Ultimate Customization and Comfort

The modular concept of Famaliving sofas allows for an array of configurations, catering to diverse spaces and lifestyle needs. Customers can mix and match different modules – from chaises to armrests, corner pieces to footstools – to create a personalized seating solution that perfectly fits their living space. Softest sofas by Famaliving Sit on clouds cushion system delivers unparalleled comfort compared to other products on the market.

Unique Styles and Sustainable Materials

Discover our extraordinary range of customizable furniture fabrics, perfect for personalizing your sofas and armchairs. With over 1000 different materials in our collection, you have the freedom to choose a fabric that truly reflects your style. Our Recover fabric line, made from 100% recycled materials, features polyester sourced from PET plastic bottles and cotton from repurposed clothing, emphasizing our dedication to sustainability.

Moreover, our fabrics are free from PFCs – harmful chemicals often found in anti-stain or easy-clean treatments – ensuring safety for humans, animals, and the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fama take pride in offering customizable and made-to-order products. With a selection of over 1,000 fabrics, you have the freedom to personalize your sofa or armchair to suit your style perfectly. But that's not all – you can also tailor other elements such as the quantity, shape, and position of modules, choose the type of legs, arms, mechanisms, finishes, and even adjust the backrest height to your preference. In our 3D Design Simulation section, you can unleash your creativity and design your own composition, ensuring it matches your vision flawlessly. Unlike other brands, we prioritize your individuality. While we don't rely on distributors, our dedicated team ensures that your customized piece is crafted with precision, bringing your dream furniture to life.

Sometimes, either due to daily use or an incident, our sofa may accumulate stains and require cleaning. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind before you begin:

  • If you plan to wash the covers in a washing machine, we recommend conducting a test wash with one cover first, especially if your fabric allows machine washing. To protect zippers or velcro during washing, put the cover inside out to prevent damage to the fabric.
  • If the fabric permits, dry cleaning is the optimal choice. Alternatively, you can use a steam cleaner, ensuring to protect the fabric with a cotton cloth.
  • For daily maintenance cleaning, use a damp cloth to remove dust and prevent dirt accumulation.
  • For specific stains, utilize a damp cloth with a small amount of neutral soap (you can mix water with neutral soap in a spray bottle) and gently rub in circular motions on the stain. If the stain persists, allow the area to dry and repeat the process several times until it disappears entirely.
  • If your fabric is chenille, it's normal for slight marks with a different shade to appear over time and use.
  • Despite these tips, it's crucial to adhere to the washing guidelines recommended by each fabric manufacturer. You can find all relevant cleaning information on the label located at the base of your sofa or armchair.
  • For further assistance, you can also explore the Fabric Collections section of our website to access the technical specifications of each fabric.
Fama offering the following guarantees:
  • Lifetime guarantee for frames
  • Lifetime guarantee for seat suspension
  • Five-year guarantee on mechanisms and motors
  • One-year guarantee on batteries
  • Three-year guarantee for the rest of the sofa, which can be extended by six months by activating the guarantee through our website.
All Fama production processes have been certified with ISO 9001 by AENOR-IQNET since 1998. This certification ensures that all procedures are audited, and raw materials meet the highest quality standards.

If you have a pet at home, whether it's a dog or a cat, you're probably wondering what the best fabric to choose is. It's essential to understand that there are no "pet-resistant fabrics," only fabrics that are "pet-friendly." Fabric manufacturers do not provide guarantees regarding pet resistance.

However, certain fabrics, due to their construction or technology, may possess characteristics that make them more suitable for homes with pets.

When considering fabrics for a pet-friendly home, focus on those with one of three key characteristics: ease of cleaning, resistance to snags (especially important for cats that use their claws frequently), and minimal hair retention.

Velvet is considered one of the best fabric options for pets because it is less prone to snagging from cats' (and dogs') claws, retains minimal hair, and is easy to clean. In our catalog, you'll find three velvet fabric collections: Velsatis, Venice, and Varenna.

Additionally, other fabric collections we recommend for their pet-friendly features include Mystic, Hudson, Lincoln, Osiris, Arty Edition, Imaginary Edition, La Movida, and Wander, among many others. Your nearest distributor can provide valuable advice to help you make the best choice.

However, it's crucial not to create false expectations regarding a fabric's resistance to pets. It's important to note that fabric choice alone does not guarantee pet resistance; factors such as pet education and habits play a significant role.

Yes, at Fama are deeply committed to their environmental policy. In addition to optimizing production processes to minimize environmental impact, it prioritizes the use of sustainable raw materials. In Fama fabric catalogue, you will discover collections like 'Nature,' featuring fabrics crafted entirely from recycled materials. Furthermore, many of their fabric collections incorporate a high percentage of recycled thread:
  • Arty Edition: 35% recycled cotton.
  • Axis: 27% recycled thread.
  • Club: 27% recycled thread.
  • Imaginary Edition: 35% recycled cotton.
  • Marvel: 26% recycled cotton.
  • Matiss: 26% recycled thread.
  • Neboa: 22% recycled thread.
  • Osiris: 46% recycled thread.
  • Sacco: 20% recycled thread.
  • Sia: 23% recycled thread.
  • Giulia: 22% recycled thread.
The presence of removable covers for your sofa varies depending on the model. While some parts feature removable covers, others do not. Our shops offer the option to purchase these covers.

All Fama products are customizable. You can choose the same fabrics for your sofa as well as for other furniture items such as chairs, stools, armchairs, upholstered tables, and more.

Their manufacturing is 100% 'Made in Spain'. All Fama products are entirely manufactured in their factory located in Yecla (Murcia). Additionally, they have been certified with ISO 9001 since 1998, ensuring that their processes and the raw materials they use meet the highest quality standards.