15 Useful Furniture Arrangement Tips


Here we\’ll review some interior design secrets and tips about furniture arrangement that will help you get a functional and yet stylish room layout.

  • Take in consideration how you, the members of your family and your guest will use the room and how many people will be using it. That will help you determine the right amount of seating required and the furniture that you would need.
  • Always identify a focal point. That will help you furnish around it. It might be a fireplace, an accent wall, a window with a nice view, a unique piece of furniture, television, etc… Without this focal point, a room will tend to look unorganized, amateur or unfinished.
  • Do not place any large piece of furniture directly in front of the entrance point of a room – always think about visual range – the space you see immediately on entering the room. This helps create a more inviting space.
  • Don’t place large items of furniture where they might stop doors from opening or closing.
  • Don’t place any large items of furniture in front of windows – they will block the natural light and stop you from enjoy the view. Small comfortable furniture like a sofa with a low back, a small armchair or a comfortable lounge chair will be very useful here to enjoy the view, read a book or have a cup of coffee. Fama Living furniture store offers you some models that are perfect to be placed in front of the window.
  • Don’t just arrange your furniture along the walls around the edges and corners of your room. This is especially important for large rooms – try to use the center of the room fully and try to divide the room with furniture. Make the best use of the space you have. Divide eating and sitting areas, in a living/dining room. You can do it with tall or low open shelving unit, decorative folding screens or simply use the long side of a sofa by creating pace for circulation.
  • Always consider the size and scale of your room when choosing the size and configuration of the furniture to match. For a large room choose bold pieces in dark colors or dark woods.
    In a small room try to choose smaller pieces of furniture preferably in pale colors and pale woods.
  • For a small space try to use transparent and mirrored furniture – transparent furniture will look invisible and very light and the mirrored furniture reflects light around the room making it feel light, bright and spacious.
  • Consider using customizable furniture to save space. Fama Living furniture store offers you the perfect customizable contemporary sofas and chairs – so you can use every inch of your room by choosing the right dimensions of the furniture modules.
  • Use double purpose furniture pieces to save some space. These pieces are perfect if you live in a small apartment or condo. For example, a long chair or a coffee table that can be used as storage for you books, magazines or a footstool that can be used as a little side table or a sofa that can be used as a bed and a storage at the same time. Fama Living offers you several multi-functional models of tables, sofas and chairs with storage.
  • Consider symmetrical arrangements for the formal rooms. Asymmetrical arrangements work best for casual rooms.
  • Don\’t forget about the flow of traffic and circulation through the room, don\’t block it. You must direct traffic around a seating group, not through the middle of it.
  • Play on contrast by combining straight and curved lines. If the furniture is curved, mix it with an angular piece and vice versa.
  • Ideal spacing guidelines:
    • Space between 2 sofas (or a sofa and a chair) facing each other – 42 to 44 inches
    • Space between a sofa or chair, and a coffee table – 18 inches
    • Distance between the TV and the seating is three times the size of the screen (measured diagonally)
    • Allow 30 to 48 inches of width for major traffic routes and a minimum of 24 inches of width for minor ones.
    • Space between a desk and a wall – for moving a chair out behind you – 28 – 30 inches
    • Ensure 36-48 inches between each edge of the dining table and the nearest wall
    • Space between the side of the bed and a wall – at least 24 inches
  • Before moving your actual furniture, try your design on a paper. You have to measure the room’s dimensions, noting the location of doors and windows, electrical outlets etc., then try to draw your floor plan on graph paper using the scale. Then make the paper cut-outs to represent the furnishings, using the scaled dimensions of your real furniture. And then just move the \”paper made furniture\” on your plan and test various furniture configurations. It\’s easier than moving heavy furniture on the floor.

Fama Living Montreal\’s contemporary furniture store offers you, not only the perfect contemporary customizable furniture from Spain but also the professional interior design service.
We\’ll gladly help you to choose the right color scheme for your home, the best furniture arrangement and of course the best configuration and best fabrics for your contemporary furniture.

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