Famaliving Montreal shares with you the main colors of the year 2021.

Naval color trend

A darker blue color will be the 2021 trend. The \”new black\” proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

Millennial Pink has lost it’s cool.

Prepare for the return of red. Colors bring life and character to any interior. The natural, tasty sweet color variations between strawberry red, raspberry red and blueberry blue will have a strong presence in the design scene in the coming seasons. The deeper variations of the colors bring warmth and character to the decor composition. The tones from a red-violet spectrum are very sensual. The polarity of the emerging trend – the bold statement of red and the muted style of the bluer-inspired hues can satisfy a great variety of tastes – from the seeker of strong sensations and invigorating experiences to those who prefer the quieter and gentler expressions for their ambience.

Deep and rich, a new blue-green trend appears at the crime scene.

With more sophisticated emanation and brighter presence than its pastel counterparts, the eye-catching blue-green trend is the next accent. The natural tones that infuse the houses with soothing, grounded vibes will quietly enhance the visual aspects of any space.

Grey – the fashion color of the year

The season of 2020-2021 will be highlighted with grey tones.  A cool neutral color that connects technology and modernity for elegant spaces.

Face line graphic art

A buzzing design trend present in the online world.  Lately this graphic art trend has been popular with the millennial generation.

Together with you, we follow the trends in the world of furniture and are ready to make your home fashionable and comfortable, according to your chosen style and color scheme.