Discover Smart Recliners by Famaliving: Now Available in Canada!

How Do Famaliving Innovative Motorized Recliners Work

Famaliving is introducing Sensae, our revolutionary new system that initiates reclining furniture motor activation without the need for button presses. Simply by moving your hand near the arm of the chair, the motor springs into action.

Gone are the days of searching for buttons either inside the seat or on the outer part of the armchair. This innovative approach not only streamlines operation but also prevents soiling of the fabric or leather around traditional buttons. There’s no need for physical contact; a mere hand gesture near the arm is enough to trigger the mechanism.


What Makes Famaliving  Recliners An Ideal Choice for Parents with Small Kids and Even Persons with Limited Mobility

Yet, there’s even more. The reclining armchair movements can also be managed through our exclusively developed mobile app. This app not only allows for the effortless opening and closing of the recliner from your smartphone but also offers additional features.

A primary motivation for developing this app is to provide a solution for numerous parents with recliners in their homes who are concerned about potential accidents involving their young children. The app enables parents to conveniently lock the recliners, thus preventing any unfortunate incidents.

Furthermore, the app’s control module is equipped with connectivity to voice assistants, enabling the performance of fundamental functions through voice commands.

For those concerned about accidental activation by someone approaching or a child touching the arm, rest assured that we have implemented safeguards. Our design includes two distinct control modes – one that requires one hand and another that requires two hands – specifically to prevent such unintentional activations.

The Futuristic Features You Never Imagined in a Recliner

Moreover, our app features two distinct usage levels: the “Basic” mode and the “Expert” mode. The Basic mode encompasses essential commands like opening and closing, operation with one or two hands, and the ability to lock the recliner. On the other hand, the Expert mode introduces an array of advanced functionalities. This includes saving favorite positions for activities like watching TV or napping, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

A standout feature in the Expert mode is the innovative “Alarm clock” function, designed to address the common issue of oversleeping during short naps. This feature displays a countdown timer, allowing users to set the recliner to automatically close after a specified duration, such as 30, 40, or 50 minutes, from activation.

Enough Tech Talk, Explore the Recliner Models With Sensae



These and many more exciting furniture models, including motorized sofa-beds, are available to explore in our Montreal Showrooms.