Transform Your Patio: Ultimate Comfort with Fama’s Arianne & Siesta!

Fama Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is mostly seen as a furniture for recreation and surely it has to provide maximum comfort. But at the same time, the durability of the outdoor patio furniture should be outstanding. Patio can become an extra room in your home for the whole summer – a living room in the open air, where you spend most of your free time with family and friends

To turn it into a comfortable space, you will need to have the outdoor patio furniture that corresponds to your lifestyle. You would also want to be able to serve meals on your patio during those nice summer days, so you outdoor patio furniture should also be suitable for that. You may put different types of outdoor furniture, like outdoor dining set and chaise lounges, or, if your patio is not too big, have a multifunctional outdoor patio furniture that can serve different purposes.

That’s when Arianne Garden outdoor furniture come handy! Ariane garden is a modular outdoor furniture that can be configured to fit your space perfectly and, at the same time, is extremely solid. Arianne Garden outdoor patio furniture consists of single modules that can be placed together to form a couch or a sectional, or be used individually any time you want. The back of the seat of the modular pieces folds down to create a table and at the same time encases the cushions so that they are protected from weather conditions; therefore Arianne Garden outdoor patio furniture can be left outside.

The folding seat option and the fact that Arianne Garden patio furniture consists of different modules, makes this set extremely versatile and suitable as for relaxing or for having food and drinks.

When it comes to Arianne Garden Outdoor patio furniture, we are not talking only about great comfort and durability, but also about amazing design and amazing choices of colours to create a unique set of outdoor patio furniture that perfectly fits your style. The frame of Arianne Garden outdoor patio furniture is made of polyethylene and available in 7 colours. The upholstered seats provide great comfort and is available in different fabrics, which are washable and resistant to weather conditions.

Arianne Garden outdoor patio furniture is perfectly complemented by outdoor chaise lounge Siesta that is a great rocking outdoor lounger. This chaise lounge is also available in different colours for the base and offers great choice of upholstery for the top cushioning. Unique design of Siesta chaise lounge and its vivid colours make this chaise lounge a great outdoor patio furniture piece.

Choosing your outdoor patio furniture should be associated with pleasure and vacation time, because the outdoor patio furniture is mostly used in the summer, so the pieces of outdoor patio furniture should be less formal and more related to fun and good times; that’s why choosing you outdoor patio furniture in bright colours and unique shapes will provide your outdoor space the atmosphere of happiness and serenity.